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What an interesting industry wouldn't you say?!

There are so many different ways to get fit and stay fit, it can be overwhelming, and sometimes even a bit intimidating. ​ Honestly, I'm not a super big fan of gyms, but they can be very Very beneficial. Unfortunately more often than not they can be filled with people doing things they shouldn't be doing to their bodies in the first place. ​ Functional movement has more to do with the way the body functions on a daily than it does with any machine you can find in a gym. Most equipment in a gym focuses on major muscle groups and does little to help correct imbalances. If anything they often create more along with injuries due to bad form or over doing it. And realistically speaking how many times do you really bench press 150lbs during your normal daily activities outside of a gym? ​ A 1:1 Personal training session, or a 1:1 Corrective Exercise session can help to prevent injury while training specific muscle groups for specific issues. ​ But Fitness doesn't always have to be about strength and muscles, cardiovascular activities such as Sports, Hiking, and Dance can be FUN ways to be fit! ​ I've never been a sports buff either outside of school.  In the Summer of 98',  before going into my Junior year in HS;  we started our own Female Indoor Soccer Team back home. Man, what a FUN time! ​ Until then our School only had a Boy's Soccer Team (according to the Sports Dept, there were not enough GIRLS interested in soccer back then **eyes rolling**).  That Summer, one of the coaches saw that the girls were interested in playing and so he organized and trained us to play indoor soccer all Summer with neighboring towns. Upon returning to school we created a petition with over a hundred female student bodies counted so they could add Female Soccer to the Curriculum! Two years later ... they did. ​ So where am I going with this? Well just because your not in HS anymore doesn't mean you can't have fun playing a sport with like minded individuals and have an opportunity to stay fit in FUN ways.  ​ Check out Adult Sports teams in your area through apps like MeetUp or Facebook groups! ​ It is in our nature to MOVE. We are Physical Beings living on a Physical Plane, in a Physical World!  Doesn't it just make sense to be Physically Fit! Because the Human Body is designed and created in such a way that the more you Move It, the better it gets!   Gyms are fine, don't get me wrong if that's your thing. Lose weight, run a marathon, hike a trail, dance, do yoga, tone, slim, and strengthen! Whatever you decide... JUST MOVE!

If you have questions, concerns, or can't decide how to start, then book a FREE consultation, and let's take a look together at the different ways I can help YOU achieve your fitness goals.

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