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My name is Suzana and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Medical Massage Practitioner and Owner/Operator of Refreshed Body Mind Wellness.

"As a pain therapist, my goal is to make myself unnecessary. This implies that I have fulfilled my duties within my scope of practice as a therapist effectively and efficiently, by providing pain relief, relaxation, instruction, and support. I am passionate about educating my clients on self-care and guiding them toward a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. I love helping others learn to listen, understand, and heal themselves and their bodies. I believe that no one can truly know your body better than you. Not only can I offer you pain relief, but also relaxation, comfort, and peace of mind. You'll be surprised at how quickly we can work together to make measurable improvements and help you feel better by healing the tissues and addressing their issues in a therapeutic environment. Because when your body is refreshed, so is your mind."

My Credentials: Dual Licensed Massage Therapist in GA LMT#MT012217 TX LMT#MT136016 Certified Medical Massage Practitioner Certified Health Coach Certified Personal Trainer Specializing in Corrective Exercise Certified Pranic Healer Certified Reiki Practitioner Certified Group Fitness Instructor Certified Meditation Instructor




Pain is a warning!

Pain is something that we can use to our advantage if we just  take the time to

understand it rather than avoiding, running away from, or trying to numb and suppress it.

Science has shown us that humans are bioenergetic beings meaning that

Pain can not only be absorbed but also triggered through our own personal bio-energetic fields.

Energy blockages, or stagnate energy, can manifest themselves in the physical body

causing dis-ease, chronic ailments, aches, and yes even pains.


Recent research highlights the significant impact of gut health on mental well-being. The gut-brain axis, a complex communication network linking the gastrointestinal tract ant the brain, plays a critical role in overall health, including mental health. Imbalances in gut bacteria can affect mood and cognitive functions, contributing to conditions such as anxiety and depression

One common response to pain is the use of medication, which can lead to its own set of challenges. Pain medications, especially opioids, are effective but can be highly addictive and may lead to dependency issues. Over time, reliance on these drugs can increase, complicating recovery and potentially leading to a devastating cycle of addiction.

Many times people with Trauma do not like to be touched and are sensitive to massage. Pranic Healing is a Non-Touch modality that can provide relief and release in the body.

As a certified Pranic Healer, I employ specific protocols for specific ailments and a technique known as sweeping to clean the energetic body and clear blockages in the chakras; allowing for prana life force energy, or Qi pronounced Chi,  to flow throughout the physical and energetic body.

Would you like to learn more about Pranic Healing?

My Journey

After 8 yrs of owning my own landscape business and being in and out of pain myself, a smoker, drinker, and heavy meat eater, I decided to make a drastic career change that would embark me into a wonderfully satisfying and exciting career in Muscle Manipulation, Body Work, and alternative healing.

massage grad

Originally a Texas Native, I moved to Georgia over 20 years ago and made it home. My journey into the vast world of alternative healing began in 2017 when I started studying massage. This ignited my passion for understanding how the body functions and alternative healing modalities. A mother of 3, I put myself through school and became fully accredited and licensed in both the state of Georgia & Texas. Since then I have ventured into creating, establishing and building Refreshed Body Mind. As a student, of Atlanta School of Massage; I explored two distinct approaches to massage: On one hand, the spa-like experience charecterized typically as pampering, stress reduction, aromatherapy, and relaxation. On the other hand, a very clinically focused, science-based approach to therapeutic massage .​ Through special techniques, I have learned to integrate both spectrums of massage. Drawn to the clinical aspect of massage, I pursued certifications in Medical Massage, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Group Fitness and Health Coaching. My continuous studies and learning experiences have helped me develop a unique, heart-centered medically-oriented approach to healing, that is both relaxing and therapeutic. To supplement my income and support my growing clientele during economic challenges, I have worked with various Chiropractic offices/doctors in Georgia. As a certified Medical Massage Practitioner, I utilize an outcome-based approach to help people suffering from pain. ​Medical massage is effective in reducing pain, increasing range of motion (ROM), and accelerating recovery conditions such as sciatica, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, headaches, and more. As a Heart-centered and Medically-oriented therapist I have come to understand that PAIN often results from triggers that are not solely injury-based. Triggers can also stem from the body's reaction to not only what we put into it (chemical factors), but what surrounds it as well (environmental/emotional factors). This understanding emphasizes the complex integration of the body and highlights the importance Movement and Nutrition play in maintaining the body at optimal health As a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, I support clients in making their own integrations in lifestyle changes and holding them accountable to their personal goals. I firmlybelieve that "Given half the chance... the body Will heal itself". My goal is to help others realize this potential by Integrating nutritional changes, soft tissue manipulation, mindfulness, and physical activity, ultimately enhancing YOUR quality of life. Meanwhile building a community of Beautiful People, Refreshed, Body, and Mind.

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