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My name is Suzana and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner/Operator of Refreshed Body Mind Wellness.

As a pain therapist, my focus is to not be needed. Implying that I have fullfilled my duties under my scope of practices as a therapist correctly and efficiently, by providing pain relief, relaxation, instruction, and support. I love to educate my clients on self care and help lead them into a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. I love to help others learn to Listen, Understand, and Heal themselves and their bodies. I believe that no one can truly know your BODY better than YOU. Not only can I provide you with pain relief, but also relaxation, comfort, and peace of mind. You'll be surprised how quickly we can work together to make measurable improvements and get you feeling better by healing the tissues and removing their issues in a therapeutic environment. Because when your Body is Refreshed so is your Mind.

My Credentials: Licensed Massage Therapist GA LMT#MT012217   Licensed Massage Therapist TX LMT#MT136016 Certified Medical Massage Practitioner Certified Health Coach Certified Personal Trainer Specializing in Corrective Exercise Certified Pranic Healer Certified Reiki Practitioner Certified Group Fitness Instructor Certified Meditation Instructor

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Pain is a warning!

Something that we can use to our advantage if we take the time to

understand it and stop avoiding, running away from, or trying to numb and suppress it.


Through my experience in dealing with not only clients' pain, but my own I have created a course that I will make available soon called "HEALING THROUGH PAIN", in which I teach simple and effective techniques to help you through your Journey to becoming Refreshed; Body & Mind .


Science has shown us that humans are bioenergetic beings.

Pain can not only be absorbed but also triggered through our own personal bio-energetic fields.

Energy blockages, or stagnate energy, can manifest themselves in the physical body

causing dis-ease, chronic ailments, aches, and yes even pains.

As a certified Pranic Healer, I use specific protocols for specific ailments and a technique known as sweeping to clean the energetic body and clear blockages in the chakras; allowing for prana, or Qi to flow throughout the physical and energetic body.


Many times people with Trauma do not like to be touched and are sensitive to massage. Pranic Healing is a Non-Touch modality that can provide relief and release in the body.

Would you like to learn more about Pranic Healing?

My Journey

When I was a child I loved helping others. (Who knows maybe it's the Virgo in me that just enjoys serving.)

 I wasn't sure THEN, how I would be helping people; but as I grew the Universe lead me to a passionate career in Wellness.


After 8 yrs of owning my own landscape business and being in and out of pain myself, I decided to make a drastic career change that embarked me in to the wonderfully satisfying and exciting world of Muscle Manipulation, aka Massage.

massage grad

A Texas Native, I moved to Georgia and made it home for over 20 years. Studying massage in 2017 I fell into a vast world of alternative healing, in which I became passionate about, along with the function of the body. A mother of 3, I put myself through school and became fully accredited and licensed in the state of Georgia & Texas. I have since then ventured into creating, establishing and building Refreshed Body Mind. As a student, of Atlanta School of Massage; I learned two different sides to massage: On one hand, there is the pampering, stress-reducing, aromatherapy, and relaxation type of sessions that you find at a typical spa. On the other hand, a very clinical focused, science-based side therapy to massage .​ As I ventured into the two distinct types, I found myself drawn to the clinical aspect of massage leading me to pursue certifications in Medical Massage, Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, and Health Coaching. As I grow through my continuous studies and learning experiences; I realize that I evolved into my own unique style. A heart-centered medically-oriented approach to healing, that is both relaxing and therapeutic. With special techniques acquired through my training, I have learned to integrate both sides of the spectrum of massage. To make extra income and make ends meet during our difficult economy and as I build up my clientele I have typically worked with various Chiropractic offices/doctors in Georgia. I currently work seasonally with an OT in Texas providing pain relief for VA members. As a certified Medical Massage Practitioner, I help people who suffer with pain with an outcome based approach. ​Medical massage is beneficial in reducing pain, increasing range of motion (ROM), and accelerating recovery speeds for many ailments including, but not limited to sciatica, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, headaches, and more. As a Heart-centered and Medically-oriented therapist I have come to realize that many times PAIN is only a reactor to a trigger. Learning that triggers do not necessarily come from injury and trauma, but can also be the body's reaction to not only what we put into it, but what surrounds it as well; I can see how perfectly and intricately integrated the body is and works, and how important the role of Movement and Nutrition can play in keeping the body at an optimal state. It's fascinating. As a certified Health Coach and a certified Personal Trainer, I help people find their own integration, by holding them accountable and supporting them in the lifestyle changes they choose to pursue. I truly believe that "Given half the chance... the body Will heal itself". I have a strong desire to help others come to this same realization. Integrating nutritional changes, soft tissue manipulation, mindfulness, and physical activity, and helping to greatly increase YOUR quality of life. All the while building a community of Beautiful People, Refreshed Body Mind.

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