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What is Health Coaching anyway?

Health Coach is an expert on human behavior, motivation, and health. Consider Us as a "Change Agent" who helps clients set and achieve realistic goals through a natural approach to wellness and integrating healthy  lasting habits into their lives. 

Health Coaching
  • Helps people discover the "why" behind their desired health changes.
  • Empowers people as the experts of their own bodies, minds, and circumstances
  • Helps to identify challenges and "blind spots" that are preventing change.
  • Provides support and Accountability
  • Can help people navigate a variety of health concerns
  • Help to find balance in everyday life
  • Health Coaches fill a gap in the healthcare system that is underserved or unserved by other healthcare professionals.
  • It helps to promote wellness care
Health Coaching uses a client-centered approach to working with people, acting as a facilitator to support clients in taking action, creating plans, and achieving goals based on the individuals ideas, interests, and experiences. 


Put aside everything you've been taught about dieting or how nutritional health should be. And let's ask deeper, powerful questions to explore together not only the what's, but the why's and how's as well.  

Instead of:

How can I lose weight? or

Which latest diet should I be doing?

WE choose to ask   "?"  deeper questions..

  • Why do I really have, this excess weight?

  • Why do I choose certain foods over others?

  • What am I holding onto that isn't serving Me anymore?

  • What is really holding me back from reaching my ideal weight,  body type, or life experience?

  • What are some of the BS (Belief Systems) that has been programmed into me that I no longer need to survive?

See the thing is when you try changing your lifestyle, whether it be nutritionally or physically or even emotionally, the first thing to come to terms with is WHY?

I have this belief that kind of goes in hand with "you are only as strong as your weakest link". You see, in the culture that we live in, society has trained us to see weakness as a "BAD" thing.

I truly believe that when you identify with your weakness; whether it shows up as a lack of motivation, stress, or even depression, (the label we use is irrelevant, the concept is what matters) you remove the habit of throwing rocks in the dark.

You learn to listen to your body and learn what "diet" YOU need for YOU. And, I use the word "diet" loosely, because as individuals, each and every one of us is different, and our bodies work differently and react differently to everything, not just food.

Why can't I stick to a diet?

Why doesn't anything seem to work for me?

What is keeping me from the lifestyle changes

I am yearning for?

These are things that can be explored with the guidance of

a Health Coach. So that you can heal your relationship not only with FOOD but with LIFE as well.

Clients may also see benefits that go beyond the initial focus of diet and can benefit in other aspects of Life as well, for instance better relationships or a work-life balance.

Contact me and we can discuss these things together, so we can see if I am the right fit for You and your healing and health journey.

$ TBD Based on a program
*Regullarly 2 (1 hr) or 4 (30 min)  sessions per month. @ $150/mo on a 6-month program.

$25 Consultation (Cost will be deducted from program price when signing up)

Group Mini-Courses

To be announced

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