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Body Pain Signals
Pain Cylce
Body Compensation and Pain
Body Compensation and Pain

Are You In Pain?

Pain is different for every one. It is completely dependant on ones own propioception and individual tolerances. Pain for the most part is a WARNING!! It is the BODY's language of communication that makes us so uncomfortable that we will have no choice but to seek out a change. It can often become a viscious cycle down a never ending path of deterioration, loss of mobility, increase of weight, anxiety, and even depression. For most clients, just one pain management session can result in a decrease of pain from 60% and in others even more. Schedule a Pain Management Session today in office at 123 Library Street in Downtown Historical Barnesville or book a mobile session and let Refreshed come to YOU. At Refreshed we know that Pain is not only a physiological factor, but can also be a response to emotional triggers, or even chemical reactions from the foods we consume on a daily basis or our environment. Refreshed understands that pain can often be multifaceted and can require different approaches for different people. Schedule a Health Coaching Session today and find out how to reduce pain or eliminate pain and inflammation through diet, breath work, meditation, body work, fitness and other lifestyle changes. Did you know that the majority of deaths in elderly are due to falls?Corrective Exercise can prevent falls by working on intrinsic and core stabilizing muscles that aid in support and mobility. Schedule your consultation and find out if corrective exercise is right for you. Interested in more than one type of technique ask us about our prepaid plans and save with a package of multiple modalities.

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