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Mobile Massage Studio
Mobile Massage Studio

Refreshed strongly believes in the healing benefits of natural modalities such as massage, and that they should be readily available to everyone regardless of financial status.


If for any reason you can't afford a session at any moment or would like to contribute to the process; if you just need to get Out of Pain Now, or would like to offer an exchange of services check out our

Barter Sessions Here!

Hey Beautiful People!!

I'm excited to introduce you to THE DREAM: the futur Refreshed Mobile Studio.

In my journey towards minimal living and maximizing impact, I purchased a BUS! Yes, a bus.

The DREAM is to transform this bus into a mobile wellness studio in the front, with living quarters in the back. I plan to travel across the USA helping people embrace wellness, getting IN to Wellness and OUT of PAIN!

Converting a bus is easier dreamt than done, but I've always loved a good challenge!!  To fund this dream, I've designated Mondays for special appointments All proceeds from Mondays will be used to fund this project.

Book a Monday appointment below and help bring this dream  to a reality!

Just click on the Let's Go  button.

Eternally Grateful ,  

Refreshed Body Mind  

where ever

we Go!

Tel: 404.655.9583

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