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Health Coaching

I'm sure you've heard the title before. It is a term recently gaining popularity amongst the Wellness community, but if you're new to wellness therapy you may have some questions about just what Health Coaching means.

A health coach can assist a client in changing their behavior patterns in a sustainable way. It is not a specific diet or exercise routine, but a support system for behavioral change. Behavioral change alters the functioning of a whole person meaning supporting the way a person operates and organizes their life. Changing behaviors can be scary and overwhelming at times. it can alter 3 distinct things in a person's life: underlying beliefs, values, and priorities.

As a health coach, I don't take on the responsibility of the change, that pertains to the client. Sustainable changes can only occur when the client is driving the process. I am more like a co-pilot on your journey through the changing terrain, making sure you don't "fall asleep at the wheel" or veer off the road. There are always distractions on the road to better health, but a health coach can teach and support you with strategies that can help you have awareness and accountability. High fiving you when you keep it up!

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