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The Dream

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Hey Beautiful People!!

Let me introduce you to THE DREAM!

This, is the future    Refreshed Mobile Studio.

In my attempts to live minimally and impact as many people as possible while doing so, I purchased a BUS! 

Yes, a bus. The DREAM is to convert this bus into a mobile wellness studio in the front and living quarters in the back and travel around the USA helping people get IN to Wellness and OUT of PAIN!


Something a lot easier dreamt than done. (the bus conversion that is)  I've always loved a good challenge!!  So I've decided to set a specific day for appointments specifically meant to the funding of this dream.

Book a Monday appointment below and help bring this dream  to a reality!

Eternally Grateful ,

Refreshed Body Mind

If for any reason you can't afford a session at any moment and would like to contribute to the process, or just need to get out of Pain Now, check out our

Barter Sessions Here!

on the 

Thanks for submitting!

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