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Given Half the Chance the Body Will Heal Itself

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

The body is an intriguing and wonderful being. It is so perfect and intelligent all on its own.

Unfortunately, we so often allow ourselves to destroy our bodies, with everyday bad habits and mindless actions. We get so wrapped up in our day to day “busy” lives that we never stop to think how these things affect us, UNTIL they do.

Aches, pains, illness, disease, these are not symptoms of malfunction, they are the bodies cries for HELP!


Because the body CAN heal itself; from even the most severe illnesses, if only we would just give it the right conditions to do so.

  • Stop piling on things that make you stressed.

  • Learn to establish boundaries.

  • Quit putting unhealthy products in and on your body.

  • Create a wellness routine.

  • Sit alone and meditate.

  • Walk, Run, Dance, Swim, Hike, MOVE and make it FUN

These are just a few ways to begin creating a safe space so that your body can do what it's meant to do.

Bring peace and balance into your life, by working with your body instead of against it.

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